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Announcement - Welcome to Str8end Slinky

Posted by askanison on 2005.07.20 at 04:22
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Come one, come all, to our festival of movie loving goodness. I created this community with the intent of bringing a good, well-written, often-updated movie-related community to Livejournal. Since I myself have been accused from time to time of being a movie addict (among other accusations), I thought it best to make a community for people like me. If you like to write, watch movies, and combine these two interests in new and different ways, this is the place.

This first entry will serve as a vision statement and set of basic ground rules for this community. By "ground rules," I mean basic guidelines that members of this community should follow in order to keep it at a certain standard of quality. Since my own levels of quality are generally mediocre at best, this should not be a problem. Here, in no particular order, are the guidelines for this community:

  1. Be good. You can write extremely opinionated articles, fervent rants on the state of movies today, and swear up a storm about the latest Blade movie. Just make sure that you're writing them with the spirit of this community in mind, not just to flame Michael Bay for existing (unless, of course, you have a humorous reason as to why he should not that you can write more than a sentence on). Write something interesting, fun, and even provocative, but make sure to keep it in the bounds of semi-good taste and quality.

  2. Be proper. Don't write a single sentence on why you thought Firefox was the greatest Cold War film of all time. Explain it! Take time to flesh out your ideas and make a proper article or review. This community is about movie appreciation (or loathing in the case of some), but that requires some effort on your part. Write good, solid articles. Single sentence entries will not be tolerated, simply because I'd like us to maintain quality in this community.

  3. Follow the style. Just to maintain a sense of continuity and to make the community easier to navigate, make sure your entry titles are prefixed with: "Review" for reviews, "Announcement" for community-related announcements (such as this very entry), "Editorial" for opinion articles, "News" for movie news entries. Here are a few examples of good titles: "Review - Gigli", "News - Keanu Reeves takes acting lessons", "Editorial - Why Keanu Reeves needs acting lessons", "Announcement - Something really neat has happened in the community." If you make your titles like that, everybody will be a whole lot happier navigating this community, and your opinions are more likely to be heard.

  4. I rule. This community is a bit on the autocratic side; I will have the final say over what gets posted here. I'm not about to delete posts due to differing opinions or heated debate, but follow the rules and guidelines for quality or your posts will be removed. I reserve the right to change any of these guidelines at any time.

  5. No nudity. You can post pictures if you want, but make sure you put large pictures behind an lj-cut. Also, make sure said pictures are somewhat relevant to your article. Entries with only pictures will be deleted. And, like it says at the beginning...NO NUDITY.

  6. Laws are good. Anything that violates any Livejournal policies or laws is strictly prohibited in this community. Anybody who violates any website policies or laws will be kicked out.

Also, if you are to write reviews, it would be best to follow a standard rating system for comparison purposes. I will be reviewing movies and scoring them on a scale from 0 to 5. A score of zero would likely mean that the movie is absolute trash, and should be officially deposited on the surface of the sun. A score of 3.5 would be about average; not great, but watchable. A score of five would be excellent; movies rated with a five should be movies that are a must-see, or movies that will be remembered for bringing something great to the medium. If you follow this scoring system, readers of this community will better be able to gauge your opinions numerically.

So, now that I've got that whole rant about rules and such mythical mumbo jumbo complete, I will officially state the mission of this community. That mission is to provide quality articles and reviews of motion pictures. Feature film and short length movie reviews are welcome. Articles about the state of the industry are incouraged. Opinion entries are greatly encouraged. Pretty much anything related to movies, as long as it is posted with a high standard of quality in mind, is fair game in this community. A great deal of humor is also welcome, and encouraged, as well.

Currently membership to this community is moderated. That means you have to join and I'll approve you. I think that this is the best way to keep the community's vision at this point. Only members will be allowed to post new entries. Hopefully, I can get as many people to seriously participate in this community as possible. This should provide for interesting discussion involving opinions of all sorts of people from around the Livejournal globe.

Now that all of that has been said, I invite you all to join this community and get everything hopping! I will be posting the first real article soon, but if you sign up real quick and are itchin' to write, you might be able to beat me to it. In any case, enjoy!


mce86 at 2010-04-05 14:28 (UTC) (Link)

This community is a GREAT IDEA.

I was searching livejournal communities for movie review based groups and I found this. Unfortunately it seems that it isn't been updated for a really long time, and that you're the only member. I'm not sure that you are even still wanting to mantain this but I would really be interested in joining. In my own livejournal I often post movie reviews/recaps in sort of an MST3K style. Basically I try to provide a cohesive summary, along with my particular view points on whichever film. But many of my LJ friends are not quite as devoted to the silver screen as I am, so I thought it would be nice to join this community.
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